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Product Description

Stain-Killer is an acrylic undercoat specially formulated as a sealer over interior/exterior concrete, plaster, drywall, and unpainted non-stained wood; also recommended as a first coat over previously painted surfaces, as it provides superior adhesion for the finish coat. White in color and cleans up using only water. Once dry it has excellent adhesion and prevents blistering, peeling and cracking difficult stains, fast-drying, (crayon, graffiti, grease spots, rust, etc.)

Product Uses

Versatile as a one-coat insulation system on exterior and interior substrates (roofs, walls, and floors). It's excellent thermal conductivity reduction makes it ideal for transportation vehicles,refrigerated railroad cars and containers. Will stop condensation on HVAC systems, tanks, and storage systems. Ideal one-coat protective system over a wide assortment of substrates that are structurally sound such as conventional concrete, metal, (including aged galvanized), stucco, masonry, and wood to stop water corrosion, resist dirt, mold, mildew, and pollution. MULTICERAMICS ™ will increase the longevity while reducing maintenance on all applicable surfaces.

Product Benefits

  • Cost Effective

  • Highest energy efficiencies

  • Low Maintenance

  • Lightweight

  • Nationally Manufactured

Product Core Options

Expanded Polystyrene with fire-retardant

Product Core Thickness

4 inches and 6 inches

Product Application

Residential and commercial up to four stories