About Fortress


Exterior walls

The 1WallS areused for exterior and interior walls. Widths come in 6 in. or 12 in. options with respective “R” factors of R30-R58. When our ceramic thermal coatings are added the”R” factors increase to R60-R100 respectively. To save time and money, almost any siding can be directly applied to the 1WallS reducing time, labor and costly multi-step processes.

Interior walls

The 1WallS are used for exterior walls at optional widths of 6 in. or 12 in. with respective “R” factors of R30-R58. With interior walls, Fortress normally applies our thermal, acoustic and fire reduction coatings on the drywall in a simple one step process.

Floors and Trusses

Despite the name, our 1Walls are also used for floors and trusses in a modified design based on the structural demands. By using our technology for the floors and trusses, the builder increases strength and thermal attributes.

Ceramic Coatings

FI’s family of ceramic has a multitude of applications:

  • Thermal- increases energy efficiency in all weather climates.
  • Fire prevention- Reduces fire propagation.
  • Weather protection- Significantly reduces the threat of moisture damage.
  • Rust protection- A power rust preventative agent.
  • Stain remover- Removes stains from concrete and many other surfaces.