About Fortress

Low-Income Housing Orgs

Tenants in low-income housing should be able to live in the same high quality environments and structures afforded every other class bracket; however, often times that is not the case.  Too often, low-income housing does not come with the funding or expectations that would support higher quality construction.  The 1Wall System simplifies the building process and eliminates the cost saving short cuts while maintaining plumb and sealed structures. All of our products boost the energy efficiencies allowing more money, that would otherwise be sent to the utility companies, to remain in the tenants’ pockets.

Housing organizations tasked with building living spaces for the needy have an incredible and monumental task.  When government money is involved the process and budgetary constraints are endless.  Unfortunately, this dynamic usually results in the low bid winning the project but with that comes the old adage, “you get what you paid for.”  Money saved today is always paid down the road in maintenance costs and low energy efficiency.  This no longer has to be the case.  Our energy efficient technologies provide the most affordable, healthiest and safest solution on the market.  No longer is poor craftsmanship and detrimental cost cutting measures your problem.  Our solution guarantees proper alignment and solid construction on every build.