About Fortress

Government Agency

Governments are becoming increasingly involved in regulating energy efficiency standards for their constituents.  Every year, mandates from the State and Federal governmental bodies are being enacted, proposed or mandated.  However, there are few products on the market that can address these energy efficiency standards cost effectively.  The 1WallS and our family of coatings are the perfect tools to meet these challenges.  Whether the challenge/concerns are based on cost, safety, energy efficiency and/or long-term upkeep, FI’s products meet and surpass its competitors in every category.

Government agencies are tasked with providing affordable, livable housing for its constituents.  Whether the need is low-income, middle-income, transitional, veteran or other housing, the challenges are the same: how can quality housing be provided while meeting budgetary constraints.  It is not only the upfront costs but the long-term maintenance as well.  The low bid usually wins the project but usually at the detriment of long-term savings.  While the contractors moved to the next projects, cities are straddled with money pits caused by poor construction and shoddy materials. The 1WallS and MULTICERAMICS technology eliminate all of these issues.  Governments can now save on the upfront and long-term costs.