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Building Professional

As a building professional, the greatest impetuous is ROI. Building, material, labor, permitting, lending rates are just some of the major challenges building professionals wrestle with. As for the clients, they are most interested in the issues of cost, safety, speed of build, energy efficiency, and long-term upkeep; the priority of these issues is on a case by case basis.

The 1Wall System checks off every significant category of building and is the perfect solution to address and surpass all of these issues.

Building Professionals are challenged with the conflicting dynamic between quality and cost. Most often one negates the other; however with the 1WallS, this is no longer the case. A builder is now able to build stronger, safer, faster and with the greatest energy efficiencies on the market at a cost significantly less than traditional wood structures. This also means that the same budget can go much farther allowing more to be allocated to the aesthetic qualities.

Government Agency

Governments are becoming increasingly involved in regulating energy efficiency standards for their constituents. Every year, mandates from the State and Federal governmental bodies are being enacted or proposed with few products on the market that can cost effectively address these energy efficiency standards. The 1Wall System and our family of coatings are the perfect tools to meet the challenges. Whether the challenge/concerns are based on cost, safety, energy efficiency, and long-term upkeep FI’s products meet and surpass in every category.

Government agencies are tasked with providing affordable, livable housing for its constituents. Whether the need is low-income, middle-income, transitional, veteran or other housing, the challenges are the same: how can quality housing be provided while meeting budgetary constraints. It is not only the upfront costs but the long-term maintenance as well. The low bid usually wins the project but usually at the detriment of long-term savings. While the contractors have moved on, cities are straddled with money pits caused by poor construction and shoddy materials. The 1WallS and coatings technology eliminate all of these issues. Governments can now save both on the upfront and long-term costs.

Residential Customers

Residential customers have a heavy burden of navigating an unfamiliar landscape when building a home. How does one know if their architect, contractor and materials are good and cost efficient? Word of mouth only goes so far. Add the fact that many contractors need another project to finish the current one due to financial reasons; this leads to delays, mistakes, cost overruns and overall frustration. Our products reduce these challenges with a solution that allows stronger, faster, safer, less expensive construction and with higher energy efficiencies than anything on the market. Reducing the cost of money, material and labor costs and time reduces risk.

Commercial Customers

Commercial projects are not exempt to the savings and benefits our technologies provide. Why expend more money on traditional construction, long-term maintenance and high-energy costs when you can put that money into your business? We build up to four stories with the highest commercial grade construction at a price far below commercial contractors’ rates.

Low-Income Housing Orgs

Tenants in low-income housing should be able to live in the same high quality environments and structures afforded every other class bracket; however, often times that is not the case. Often times, low-income housing does not come with the funding or expectations that would support higher quality construction. The 1Wall System simplifies the building process and eliminates the cost saving short cuts while maintaining plumb and sealed structures. All of our products boost the energy efficiencies allowing more money that would otherwise be sent to the utility companies to remain in the tenants’ pockets.

Acoustic Housing organizations tasked with building living spaces for the needy have an incredible and monumental task. When government money is involved the process and budgetary constraints are endless. Unfortunately, this dynamic usually results in the low bid winning the project but with that comes the old adage, “you get what you paid for.” Money saved today is always paid down the road in maintenance costs and low energy efficiency. This no longer has to be the case. Our energy efficient technologies provide the most affordable, healthiest and safest solution on the market. No longer is poor craftsman ship and detrimental cost cutting measures your problem. Our solution guarantees proper alignment and solid construction every build.

Non-Profit Orgs

Non-Profits are tasked with a monumental challenge: build well and build inexpensively. These two categories rarely go together. With the 1WallS and our other energy efficiency products, those two categories are now symbiotic.