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FORTRESS INNOVATIONS distributes a family of insulation paints and coatings for commercial, industrial and domestic/residential use.  These coatings are based on proprietary nano-technology and utilize a designed blend of acrylics, ceramics and other polymers.  The use of nano-technology is significant and means that these coatings have the tightest molecular structure with the smallest microscopic molecular gaps that modern science can provide.

The coatings are engineered to reduce energy transfer and prevent energy gain, resulting in a significantly more energy efficient structure than anything found today.  The coatings are as thin as standard paints and applied just as standard paints and coatings (spray, roll, brush).  They are designed for both interior and exterior applications.  Independent testing has shown the coatings will significantly reduce energy loss, resulting in a 50%+ decrease in heating/cooling costs of any structure.  In addition, the coatings act as a flame retardant, resulting in 0 flame spread in the event of fire, and contain no known carcinogens and 0 VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds).

Fortress Innovations, Inc. designed 1WallSystems(1WallS) and multi-ceramic coatings are the most significant change in building products and methodology in 200 years.  Backed by extensive scientific testing and field applications, these products enable building energy-efficient, structurally superior, higher quality homes/buildings while reducing waste, expediting construction times, greatly reducing the need forcostly skilled labors all at material prices significantly less than traditional wood construction.

It is important to note that if these technologies were adopted nation-wide, the amount of energy savings would negate the need to build another power plant for the next 200 years at the current rate of US population growth.  Furthermore, the 1WallS's replacement for lumber would result in hundreds of square miles of forest being saved from deforestation.

1WallS is a durable, highly-insulated and environmentally-friendly structural building material for commercial and residential developments.  The extreme safety properties of its strong structural design addresses concerns for seismic events, highly destructive winds conditions, fires,severe storms, while providing limitless design options and reducing utility/energy cost.

When conservation is a must, the 1WallS is designed to achieve a super-insulated stable structure that makes erecting a building, home or renovation a simple task.  There is no waste or environmental footprint when constructing with 1WallS.  1WallS is an innovative building material that, when paired with the MULTICERAMICS (see below) insulated coating provides very high (R60-R100) structure insulation with a 6" or 12" of wall thickness.  Any structure constructed with the 1WallSwill reduce the energy required to heat or cool the building by up to 75%.

The 1WallS arrive on-site and conform to any architectural home design without factory prefabrication.  Due to the unique nature of the 1WallS, there is no warping, twists, swelling or other deformations common with standard building materials.  The material corners are square and the door openings and window frames are smooth and exact. Windows and doors will fit properly the first time, there is no need to retrofit on site, resulting in additional savings and reduction of build times.

1WallS structure builds are up to 40% less expensive than conventional construction, whiledelivering higher quality and greater structural strength.  Compare this to a typical wood or brick home, which takes up to 30 days to “frame out,” where as 1WallS homes can be done in as few as 2 to 3 days.


The U.S. construction industry for residential and light commercial builds is using obsolete methods and materials.  The continued reliance on the same brick, mortar and wood materials and construction techniques from 200 years ago has resulted in unnecessary lengthy build durations, increased material costs, creates tons of on/off-site waste all while producing structures with a subpar strength and limited life expectancy.  In addition, over the last several decades, the industry has adopted fiberglass, plastics, pressboard and other highly polluting and low quality materials.  These archaic methods and materials have led to higher build and labor cost, increased risk to the builders and lending institutions,reduced margins, a rise in toxic landfill waste and continued subpar building quality while still producing poorly insulated structures with limited life spans.

Experience from building 100+ projects:

  • Affordable, custom built, energy efficient homes
  • Multi-unit complexes, schools and commercial buildings
  • High-end, platinum rated energy efficient certified homes

Fortress Innovations has the propriety distribution rights to several eco-building technologies that allow stronger, faster, cheaper, less-risky and the highest energy efficient construction.  Our two primary product lines are:

  • A structural wall system(1Wall)
  • A family of coatings that serve multiple functions/puposes.

These technologies have up to18 years of testing and have been vetted by top engineers throughout the world.  With R-ratings ranging from R30 to R100, they have the highest and most affordable energy efficiencies on the market.  The structural products are 10x-20x stronger than wood and utilize light gauge galvanized steel for their load bearing abilities.  Our thermal coating products were developed using nano-technology providing the smallest molecular structures technology can develop.

  • The wall panel technology was first invented 18 years ago and has carefully been perfected over the years
  • Time required proper testing and versions to get into its perfect condition
  • Over this duration, 100+ homes have been built in AZ and Washington DC
  • The wall panels were never widely released due to infrastructure limitations until now
  • The coating line has been developed over the past several years using cutting edge nano-technology
  • All products are fully patented by the manufacturer
  • Fortress Innovations is now ready to market and distribute these technologies world-wide