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Product Description

MULTICERAMICS™ is a unique, one part liquid insulation coating, composed of high-performance nano-technology with tough hydrophobic elastomeric acrylics, and waterborne resins. It’s designed to insulate and protect against energy loss from hot and cold temperature variance and can be applied to virtually any surface type.

MULTICERAMICS™ will also provide fire resistance to shingles when applied in two coats.

Product Advantages

  • Odorless
  • No V.O.C.s
  • Water proof (Not just water resistant)
  • K value (0.05) W/m*K
  • Class "A" Rated "0" flame spread
  • Resists mold & mildew
  • 25 Years residential life expectancy
  • Sound blockage
  • Micro packing
  • R- Equivalent protection with a 0.007” thickness

Product Uses

Versatile as a one-coat insulation system on exterior and interior substrates (roofs, walls, and floors). It's excellent thermal conductivity reduction makes it ideal for transportation vehicles, refrigerated railroad cars and containers. Will stop condensation on HVAC systems, tanks, and storage systems. Ideal one-coat protective system over a wide assortment of substrates that are structurally sound such as conventional concrete, metal, (including aged galvanized), stucco, masonry, and wood to stop water corrosion, resist dirt, mold, mildew, and pollution.

MULTICERAMICS ™ will increase the longevity while reducing maintenance on all applicable surfaces.