About Fortress

Building Professional

As a building professional, the greatest impetuous is ROI.  Building material, labor, permitting, lending rates are just some of the major challenges building professionals wrestle with for profits.  As for the clients, they are most interested in the issues of cost, safety, speed of build, energy efficiency and long-term maintenance; the priority of these issues is on a case by case basis.  The 1Wall System checks off every significant category of building and is the perfect solution to address and surpass all of these issues.

Building Professionals are challenged with the conflicting dynamic between quality and expense.  Most often, one negates the other; however with the 1WallS, this is no longer the case.  A builder is now able to build stronger, safer, faster and with the greatest energy efficiencies on the market at a cost significantly less than traditional wood structures. This also means that the same budget can go much farther allowing more to be allocated to the aesthetic qualities.